April 2, 2010

Favorite Flowers, a Giveaway and Easter Buckets.

These are the first roses of the year - Double Delight from my garden. I just love their fragrance. I like it so much I use the Moroccan Rose line from the Body Shop. If you know of a great rose fragrance let me know. I am always looking to try something new.

Speaking of flowers check out the giveaway that Janel is having at Run with Scissors. She is celebrating her 500th follower. Hooray Janel.

Here is a look at a little Easter bucket I made for my daughter. I have to make one more for my son. I will do his in blue. I am sure the Easter bunny will have fun filling these. I made these at a class taught by Liz at Scrapilicious Life. We made them out of a 28oz can. So easy just cover with paper. They are much less expensive than the baskets at the store.

Hope you have a happy Easter.

Oh, if anyone can tell me how to put buttons on my blog that would be great! Someone did the first one for me.

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