December 14, 2010

Mini Album Christmas Ornament

The Mini Album Christmas Ornament makes a great gift.   It is a  small token that expresses your appreciation for the recipient and your creativity without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time.  You can add photographs and give the album completed, or allow the receiver to personalize it with their own choice of photos. 

Start with a 4" x 12" strip of paper.  Score the paper every 3" into four equal parts.  Fold along the score lines and round all the corners.  Cut six to eight 3 3/4" x 2 3/4" rectangles for your mats.  Ink the edges and round the corners. Add whatever embellishments appeal to you, making sure not to make the book too thick or it will not close.  Adhere mats to individual pages in the mini album.  Decorate the cover making sure to leave room to adhere the ribbon for hanging from the tree. 

As you will see I used a bookmark that I made out of copper and Swarovski crystals to keep my mini albums closed.  You can use anything you have in your stash: mini clothes pins,  mini clips by Tim Holtz, or attach an additional ribbon and tie your mini album with a bow  like a package.  Have fun!

Merry Christmas,