October 21, 2010

The Rowdy Stroudy's: Christmas Ornament Exchange and My Blog Follower Giveaway

Check out this ornament exchange. The Rowdy Stroudy's: Christmas Ornament Exchange It sounds like such a fun idea. I love giving Christmas ornaments to our friends. I give one to my good friend Debie and I absolutely adore the ones she has given me. My sister has given one to my kids each year at Chrismas for years. It is nice to know that when they have their own Christmas tree they will have ornaments that are special to decorate it. You have until November 1 to sign up for the exchange

Every person who signs up to follow my blog from now until November 30, 2010 will be entered to win an ornament from me or six holiday cards, Your Choice. I will post photos of the goodies next week. If the chosen winner lives outside the USA, That person will win the six holiday cards. If you blog about this giveaway just leave me a comment and you will receive an extra entry for the giveaway.

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